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Suntile Quick Kit - for lofts

£108.00 inc. VAT

Our Suntiles are made of UV stable polycarbonate so are very strong and durable. Suntiles are good for security as we have a inline prismed diffuser, so nothing can be seen through the Suntile back into the building.

They can be fitted in as little as ten minutes one kit will light up a twenty meter area.

These kit provide natural daylight in loft voids and spaces, great for maintenance, storage and deterring pests. These kits provide natural light into loft voids which deter rats and squirrels from taking up residency. Natural light makes these creatures vulnerable to their predators so are much less likely to accommodate a well lit area.

Tile dimensions:

Concrete Double Pan Tile - 335mm wide x 417mm length

Square Profile Tile - 332mm wide x 412mm length

Concrete Slate Tile - 332mm wide x 412mm length

Slate - 600mm width x 600mm length

Clay Double Roman - 343mm width x 424mm length

Concrete Double Roman - 322mm width x 416mm length

Plain Tile - 500mm widest point x 490mm length


A kit for loft voids which comprises of a Suntile, under tile flashing and a highly reflective anodised aluminium duct with a fixed in-line ceiling diffuser for lighting loft voids, garages, workshops, stables, etc, with no ceiling. Our aluminium duct is 150mm in length and 236mm in width. The Quick Kit comes with everything needed to be installed.

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