Suntile Products

There is a range of Suntile tiles to choose from that will fit many modern and traditional roofs.


If you don't see a roof tile that fits your roof, do let us know as more Suntiles are in development.


Most Suntiles are available in various versions:

  • A 'Quick Kit' if you want to light an attic

  • A 'Basic Kit' if you want to light a loft conversion or rooms below the roof space

  • also a Short extension kit 2.1m and Long extension kit 2.8m are available.

'Quick Kit' are our simplest kit which comprises of a tile, flashing and 140mm of mirror duct with a fixed in line prismatic diffuser for lighting loft voids, garages etc, with no ceilings.

'Basic Kit' are supplied with suntile, flashing, 340mm mirror duct, ceiling diffuser and everything else required to finish into a angled ceiling for loft conversion etc.


If you want to pipe the daylight from the roof into a room below the roof space you will also need an Extension Kit (essentially a mirrored light duct). There are two 'Extension Kits' from which to choose - a Short (2.1m) or Long kit (2.8m) - depending on how far you need to duct the light. Each section of mirrored extension duct is supplied with our patented Knuckle bend to provide a continuous flow of light to where required.

Suntile features:


  • Suntiles can transmit the equivalent light to a thousand watt light bulb or a one metre square window.

  • It is estimated that one Suntile will save you nearly £60 a year in electricity (based on 3.5 hrs a day usage) - approximately 390kwh of energy per year (based on electricity unit price being 15p per kilowatt)

  • If the sunlight comes in at the same angle as the roof, it is eight times stronger than if it was to come in through a window.

  • The Extension Kit's ducting is made from twin walled polypropylene that is internally coated with a super reflective finish.

  • Daylight channelled through an Extension Kit is intensified by its mirrored walls. Even on gloomy, overcast days, Suntiles can produce adequate light.

  • Suntile's unique roof tile-shaped design allows an uninterrupted roofline that is virtually unseen from outside. This allows planning authorities to consider their use even on listed buildings.

  • Suntile tiles are made from UV stable, impact resistant polycarbonate.

  • The Suntile Extension Kits are 9 inches square (approx 240mm x 240mm).

  • The ceiling diffuser is made from UV stabilized ABS plastic and is fitted with a light diffusing lens.

  • Suntile is one of the most affordable products of its kind on the market.

  • All Suntile components are manufactured in the UK.

"Our Suntiles have done more than light up our dark landing. Our children now have a new playspace and our moods, as well as our house, have definitely brightened!"


Joanne W, South Gloucestershire

Extension Kit

Quick Kit

Basic Kit