If you are a competent 'DIY-er' then you may be able to fit Suntiles yourself. Each step in the Instructions leaflet is illustrated with a photograph to help make them easy to follow. There is no need to cut rafters or ceiling joists and in most cases tiles..


Once you have ensured safe and secure access to your roof, and determined where your Suntile is to be fitted, it is possible to install a Suntile in as little as half an hour.

If you would prefer to ask a local roofer to install your Suntiles for you, the following contacts may help. We are compiling a list of roofers who have confirmed they are happy to fit Suntiles. This list is provided for general information purposes only and is not a recommendation of their work:


Tony Skuse

Coverall Roofing


South Gloucestershire


Tel: 01454 250 148



Matt Osborne

Borne Roofing


South Gloucestershire


Tel: 07738 263 538



Lee Pope




Tel: 07711 202 025

DIY Installation

Suntile being fitted
Fitting Suntile
Suntile installation

The first thing to consider when contemplating a DIY installation is can you – and probably more importantly, are you prepared to – climb onto your roof? If the answer is ‘no’, don’t worry, then let a professional installer do the work for you.If accessing the roof is not a problem for you, and you are a competent DIYer, then installing Suntile products should not present you with too many problems with some simple tools.


The Adobe Acrobat .pdf files below can be down-loaded as useful guides to aid installation.

Suntile system at work.jpg

I just wanted to say thanks for supplying the two Suntiles we have recently had fitted and also for sending a lens free of charge to replace the one damaged when installing. We have put one in a small room that had no natural light and we had to switch on the light whenever we used it. What a difference!! Now we only have to use the light at night so saving electric as well as making the room much more usable during the day. It looks a completely different room. The other one we placed half way down our hall way and again this has made such a difference to the look of the hall as it is has much more light. The installer who had not seen or fitted these type of things before was very impressed with the ease of fitting, value for money and seeing what a difference in light that they could make. Overall a great product which matched the advertising, we have already recommended them to family and friends. "Once again thanks for your professional service and supplying a great value for money product."

Simon Mills

Suntile Customer