Suntiles can transmit the equivalent light to a thousand watt light bulb or a one metre square window. If the sunlight comes in at the same angle as the roof, it is eight times stronger than if it was to come in through a window. Suntile's unique roof tile-shaped design allows an uninterrupted roofline that is virtually unseen from outside. This allows planning authorities to consider their use even on listed buildings.

Square Profile Tile

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Suntile Square Profile Tiles are compatible with the following tiles:


      • Monier: Renown
      • Sandtoft: Lindum

    Dimensions: 335mm x 410mm

    Note: One existing roof tile will need to be trimmed to ensure correct fit.

    • Quick Kit (For loft voids) £84
    • Basic Kit (For angled ceiling) £132
    • Basic Kit Short (With Short extension 2100mm) £167
    • Basic Kit Long (With Long extension 2800mm) £215
    • All prices are plus VAT

Extension Kit

Light up other dark spaces


Use this square mirrored pipe with a Basic Kit to channel the natural light into dark spaces below the loft sapce (eg into a bathroom, corridor or stairwell).


Identify where in your ceiling the diffuser will be placed, where on the roof the Suntile will be placed, and measure the distance between the two (preferably as short a distance as possible) to determine the length of the extenstion kit required (Short 2100mm or Long 2800mm).


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All prices are plus VAT

Extension Kit


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