About Suntile 

A versatile product, Suntile is a clear tile that replaces one of your existing roof tiles to allow daylight into your attic, loft conversion, and loft void. This natural light can also be channeled to a room or space below a roof void, such as bathrooms, en-suites, stairwells, landings, corridors, garages, workshops, and stables. No planning permission is needed and they can be easily and quickly installed. 
With our home requiring planning permission to install a window, we decided to fix our problem by investing in a light collector and pipe system to channel natural light from the roof void directly into our bathroom. However, we knew this would not be a quick or easy fix. 
Virtually all light collector and pipe systems available on the market at the time comprised of many component parts, were fiddly to assemble, often required cutting tools and took many hours to fit. This increased the overall cost of the installation for the customer. 
Suntiles will not only save you money on your electricity bill but are environmentally friendly reducing the need for electric lighting. Studies have also shown that natural light improves your well-being providing health benefits too. 
In addition, our Quick Kits are useful for deterring unwanted pests like rats and squirrels and provide a long-term and more humane solution than calling out Pest Control! 

The Suntile Range 

There are numerous Suntiles to choose from that will fit many modern and traditional roofs. 

Quick Kit - for loft voids  

A kit for loft voids which comprises of a Suntile, under tile flashing and an highly reflective, annodised aluminium duct with a fixed in-line ceiling diffuser for lighting loft voids, garages, workshops, stables, etc, with no ceiling. Our aluminium duct is 150mm in length and 236mm in width. Our inline diffuser, when secured to the duct, only comes out an extra 4mm and width around 240mm. Once fitted, it will be 240mm wide and 154mm in length. 

Loft Conversion Kit - for spaces directly below the roof 

A kit suitable for ceilings in line with the roof pitch and is ideal for loft conversions, hallways, en-suites, bathrooms and more. This kit comprises of a Suntile, under tile flashing, highly reflective, annodised aluminium duct and a double glazed diffuser. The Loft Conversion Kit comes with everything needed to fit and install the kit. 

Rigid Extension Kit - to pipe daylight into a room below a loft 

The extension kit will pipe daylight into a room below a roof space such as a bathroom, corridor or stairwell. There are three 'Rigid Extension Kits' from which to choose - a Short 1.7m kit, Standard 2.0m kit and a Long 3.0m kit - depending on how far you need to duct the light. It is telescopic so the length is adjustable to fit the space best with no need for cutting the ducting. The Extension kit comes with a ceiling diffuser, secondary flashing, aluminium ducting and everything else needed to fit and finish installing the kit. This system is newly updated and is the easiest product to fit compared to other similar ones on the market. 

Flat Roofing Kit - to light areas below flat roofs  

The Flat Roofing Kit has been constructed to light areas that are below flat roofs ie, garages, extensions, and similar spaces. The kit comprises of an external dome, 650mm of anodised aluminium ducting, and an internal diffuser. Our internal diffuser, when secured to the duct, comes out 4mm from the ceiling and is 240mm x 240mm wide. 

Suntile features: 

Suntiles can transmit a similar amount of light to that of a window. 
The Extension Kit's ducting is made from a highly reflective aluminium. 
Even on gloomy, overcast days, Suntiles can produce adequate light. 
Suntile's unique roof tile-shaped design allows an uninterrupted roofline that is virtually unseen from outside. This allows planning authorities to consider their use even on listed buildings. 
Suntile's are made from UV stable, impact resistant polycarbonate. 
The ceiling diffuser lens is double glazed, helping to retain heat. 
Suntile is one of the most affordable products of its kind on the market. 
Suntile is designed and manufactured in the UK. 
"Our Suntiles have done more than light up our dark landing. Our children now have a new playspace and our moods, as well as our house, have definitely brightened!" 
Joanne W | South Gloucestershire 
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