"Having lived with a very high dark stairwell for a number of years we decided we needed to bring natural light into the area. We researched various options and agreed that a Suntile would be the best solution. The installation of the tile was quick and with very little disruption. The results were instant and flooded the area with natural light, even on a dull day the light still pours through. We have since had another tile fitted in a dark corridor and this has given us the same pleasing results. We would definitely recommend this product."


Mr and Mrs E Griffiths, South Gloucestershire



Do Suntiles get dirty?

They are largely self-cleaning and require very little maintenance, if any.

Is there a Suntile to fit my roof?

A wide range of Suntiles are available to fit roofs of all shapes and sizes. If in doubt, email us a picture of your tiles so we can identify a suitable Suntile.


Can anyone fit a Suntile?

We recommend you seek a local professional roofer to install your Suntiles. However, if you chose a DIY installation, it is important you consider and undertake all health ad safety requirements and assess risk before working on your roof. 

How much light do Suntiles let in?

To optimise performance, a Suntile should be positioned on your roof in as much direct sunlight as possible. The straighter and shorter the ducting, the greater the amount of light entering the room, hence why our ducting bend is always located at the bottom. This should be considered when choosing the location.

How do Suntiles affect pests?

Using Suntiles to brighten attics and lofts has been found to prevent the infestation of pests such as rats and squirrels and is a long term solution to keeping them away.


How many Quick Kits will I need to light up my loft?

Two well positioned Quick Kits will significantly light up an average 3 bedroom semi-detached loft space.


When I cut a hole in my roofing felt and fit my Suntile, will it leak?

Suntiles are weatherproof. They are supplied with a secondary flashing that fits on the rear collar of the tile. When fitted correctly, even driven rain cannot get into the loft space.


Will I need planning permission?

No. Although if you wish to use Suntiles in a Listed Building or one in a conservation area, you are advised to seek approval from a Planning Officer.


How long does it take for delivery?

As long as the order is placed by 12 noon (Mon-Fri), most Suntiles can be despatched within 48 hours.


Is there a delivery charge per item I order?

Free delivery to mainland UK, if outside of mainland UK please contact us for delivery price information.