Suntiles are an effective and cost efficient way to bring natural light into dark spaces in your home or workplace.


A versatile product, Suntile is simply a clear roof tile that replaces one of your existing roof tiles to allow daylight into your attic or loft conversion. This natural light can also be channelled to a windowless room or space on the floors below, such as bathrooms, en-suites, stairwells, landings and corridors. No planning permission is needed and they can be easily and quickly installed by a competent DIYer.


Suntiles will save you money on your electricity bill, and are therefore more environmentally friendly as you won't have to use or install electric lighting for use during the day. Studies have also shown that natural light gives you more energy, helps people to beat depression, and prevents falls so you could feel health benefits too.


For those with rats in your roof, Suntiles may also be your answer. As these pests do not like natural light, customers have successfully driven them out by using Suntiles to bring daylight into their attics: potentially cheaper than calling out the Pest Control Officer, and definitely a more humane method of getting rid of the problem permanently!


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"What an amazing product, and we didn't even need planning permission! We can't recommend Suntiles highly enough"


Gavin A, Bristol